Director Jenny SteinJenny Stein

Jenny shoots, edits and scores Tribe of Heart films, striving to merge the up-front authenticity of documentary with the fluid emotional dynamics usually found in dramatic films. More than her filmmaking classes at Cornell or her graduate education at UCLA's Independent Producers Program, she credits her childhood musical training and her alternative school education with influencing how and why she chooses to expresses herself through documentary filmmaking.

"At heart, I’m a choreographer who finds music and motion in everything--the spoken word, the moving image, even the flow of ideas. My goal as an artist is not to get people to think what I think, but to see what I see, to feel what I feel when I look out into the world. I hope to inspire people to undertake their own quest for truth and self-knowledge, and most important, to think for themselves.” 

Films created by Jenny and her producing partner James LaVeck have appeared in 70 festivals around the world, where they have won 14 awards, including 3 for Best of Festival and 10 for Best Documentary. Their work has also appeared on PBS, LinkTV FreeSpeech TV, and the United Kingdom's Community Channel.

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