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Unbelievably powerful — it changed my life.

I cannot remember being so moved by television for years. The Witness is an incredible film. I hope you will show it again soon.

I was so moved by Eddie Lama's story, I literally cried. I just cannot thank this human being enough for what he is doing. Just wanted you to know that people are seeing this documentary and are really affected by it.

A story that stirs compassion in us all and offers hope for a nonviolent society. Powerful stuff.

I found The Witness to be very touching. I hope many others saw it and were equally moved.

I cannot express how moved I was by The Witness. Bravo! for offering constructive, positive alternatives and actions that people can take out into the world.

I happened to catch it while flipping through channels. It was incredible and it should be on again and again until everyone sees it.

Words will never quite convey how much this documentary has affected me. My hope is that others will be similarly made aware. Sure, everyone "knows" what's going on, but does it truly sink in? Not like this film provides. There is nothing like it.

It's too easy to feel insignificant, and think that there's nothing one person is able to do to make a difference. Thank you for showing that that is not the case, and that every last action does help. It is truly a humbling realization.

I caught the last 10 minutes while switching channels and was highly moved. I have a tendency to be a bit of a macho kind of guy but it brought me to tears. I'll look at furs and animal cruelty in a whole new light from now on. I am buying this film so I can share it with the people I know.

I had NO idea what was happening to animals, and seeing this has changed me. I will find an organization I can volunteer for. Everyone needs to see this film!!!!

This documentary opened my eyes. Please do not stop showing it any chance you can get. I am just one person but I will do my part to help keep the world safer for animals.

By complete chance, I watched The Witness last night on KTEH. It was riveting, powerful, moving, compelling, horrifying and ultimately inspiring. What I saw last night affected me deeply and I feel as though I have to answer some tough questions... why I don't speak out more about the things that are so deeply distressing to me in terms of animal abuse and cruelty. Eddie Lama is so impressive in his compassion and quiet conviction and in his advocacy for all animals. I have supported my local animal rescue groups for years, but I know I could do much more. Thank you so much for making this documentary available.


Your film was so empowering. It made me want to get up and join in this fight, to stop all this creulty from happening. It's absoultely necessary for everyone to see this film. Thank you for changing my life.

I feel much more enlightened. Thank you for sharing this film with us. An excellent piece of art and education.

I guess I never really chose to think about how animal products came to be just that. After seeing this film, I want to just do something positive.

It gave me faith that people are working to make a difference. I think it is wonderful when everyday people work to change the world for the better. This film is EXTREMELY powerful and eye-opening. A lot of the time people think if they don’t see it, it doesn’t exist, and this makes them see it.

Seeing this film has certainly altered my views on this topic.

Thank you for expanding my mind to the other aspects of life that I have never looked at.

It is instantly inspiring me to think about ways to change myself. Perhaps things aren’t as hopeless, no matter how gradual the change. Showing this film to college classes is an awesome idea, I hope this continues.

It showed me another side of people who are trying to do good in the world.

It has definitely changed my opinion about animals and has opened my eyes to animal cruelty.

It's a good reminder that individuals can make a difference and have creative means of expression.

It gave a good look at the way animals are treated. Most people are good. They just need a way to relate to this pain. The film worked. It was eye-opening.

It showed me how a 'normal' person can do his part -- they say a hero is someone who does 'what he can,' and I didn't realize it was so simple.

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I agree with so many who have seen The Witness that this film is something that can really help us to bring about social change.  

The film is beautifully made: It and its subject are enthralling. Eddie Lama is the activist's dream: someone who makes the connections, acts on them, and sets out to spread the word, inventing a new form of activism on the way. Wow!

The Witness skillfully and touchingly weaves together the paradox of our existence. You have reminded us that we are both the cause of great suffering and great joy. Only by witnessing and honoring both can we embark upon a compassionate journey.  


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